Privacy Policy

Easify App operates within the Atlassian add-on Marketplace vendor to supply additional functionality to Atlassian products.  This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of Atlassian products with Easify App add-ons.

Easify App has no intention of collecting or using any Personal Information through the normal use of any Easify App add-ons.  In the event that data is obtained, it will be handled appropriately as detailed within this policy.

End-User License Agreement

All Easify Apps Atlassian plugins comply with the standard terms and conditions and agree that the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use ( will apply to end user's of installed Easify Apps Add-ons.

Troubleshooting Data

In the unlikely event that your organization needs to log a trouble ticket with Easify App, there may be a need to obtain log files from Atlassian which may contain Personal Information. The content of Personal Information can be obfuscated by your organization prior to sending for troubleshooting purposes.

However if for any reason, Personal Information is received, Easify App will endeavor to ensure that the Log files are deleted once the trouble ticket is resolved, both locally on Easify App Servers and from the Issue tracking web-site.

Data Stored on Atlassian Applications

Easify App will not store any personal information. Cloud plugins required to store persistent data on our own database, This data is not distributed and will remain in the database.

The use of any stored data is intended for normal Atlassian application use as designed and fit for the purpose of the add-on plugin.

Purchaser Information

As an Atlassian vendor, we have access to customers billing details, including Company Name, Company Location, Contact Name and Contact Email address through the Atlassian Market Place vendor portal.  This is only true for "Paid Apps" via the Marketplace, free Apps have no account information available.

Easify App will never use or process this information for any purpose.  This information will not be sold, distributed or made available to any other person or organization. In the event that the information is obtained, it will be destroyed immediately.